Area required for tank construction:


Tank Size: 10,000L     Diameter: 3.5M


Tank Size: 20,000L     Diameter: 5.5M

Tank Size: 90,000L     Diameter: 10M

Tank Size: 120,000L    Diameter: 11M

  • The site must be on natural ground (no fill)
  • The site must be flat and level
  • Reasonable access is required for heavy vehicles
  • Base material to be spread out and leveled to a 50mm depth
  • Base material to be 20mm aggregate

Satisfactory site preparation eliminates costly and annoying delays

Tank Dimensions

Volume: 10,000L Height: 2.4M Diameter: 2.4M

Volume: 20,000L Height: 2.4M Diameter: 3.4M

Volume: 90,000L Height: 2.4M Diameter: 7.5M

Volume: 120,000L Height: 2.4M Diameter: 8.5M

Tanks come with:

  • Concrete roofs rated at 3kPa
 (unless otherwise advised)
  • Lockable manhole
  • 100mm PVC inlets and over flows
  • 50mm brass fitting for above ground tanks
  • 25-Year Guarantee

Please note: The tanks are not designed for buoyancy, drainage done by others.